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Garadzenskaya Vandrouka 2019


Regulations of III Garadzenskaya Vandrouka

1.The organisers

1.1. The organizers of III Garadzenskaya Vandrouka are the First Timing Company and Administration of Sport and Tourism of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee.

1.2. Contact with the organizer is available via phone: (+375) 297830003, or by email: 

  1. Date and venue

2.1. The race will take place on 02 of June 2019 in the central streets of Grodno.

2.2. The race will start at 10:00 am. The start will take place on Lenin`s square.


3.1. Competitions are held at distances of 10 km and 5 km.

3.2. Only individuals who are at least 16 years old or who will turn 16 at least on the day of the race, i.e. on 02 of June 2019, are allowed to participate in the 10 km race.

3.2. Only individuals who are at least 12 years old or who will turn 12 at least on the day of the race, i.e. on 02 of June 2019, are allowed to participate in the 5 km race.

3.3. In order to participate in the race each participant is to undergo identity check in the race office. The identity check can be made:

  • in person – on the basis of identity document with picture
  • by an authorized person – on the basis of signed by the participant race card (available to print out form the event website around two weeks before the race) and photocopy of identity document of the participant.

3.4. The participant declares that he/she is able to take part in the race and that he/she has no knowledge of any reasons connected with his/her state of health that could exclude him/her from participation in the race and that he/she takes part in the race on his/her own responsibility. The participant notes that participating in the run is connected with physical effort, natural risk of accident, body injury and physical trauma (including death) and material loss. Additionally, other risks which are unforeseeable now can occur. Signing this document means that the participant considered all the risks connected with the run and will start the run on his own responsibility. All the decisions made by medical service during the race about the continuation of the race by the participant are final and binding.

3.5. By signing up to participate in the race the Participant accepts these Regulations and agrees for the free use of his image in the form of photographs or video recordings, and grants the Organizer free of charge license to use it in all fields of use, including printing/saving and spreading in any form and keeping in computer memory; to use it for promotion of the events organized by First Timing Company; to share it with sponsors and partners of III Garadzenskaya Vandrouka for their promotion in the context of participation in the event; to post and publish it in the publications of First Timing Company and on promotional printed materials of the Organizer, in press, on websites and in television and radio programs.

  1. Registration

4.1. In order to register for the race one shall fill in the registration form available at and

4.2. Registration is considered to be complete when following conditions are met: application form is filled in and the entry fee payment is credited to organizer’s account.

4.3. Online registration will be closed on 30.05.2019. Signing up for the race will be also possible personally at the Race Office of the III Garadzenskaya Vandrouka on 01.06.2019.

  1. Entree fee

5.1. To participate in III Garadzenskaya Vandrouka it is necessary to pay the entry fee.

The rates are as follows:

- from 01 of November 2018 until 31 of December 2018 – 25 BYN (~10 EUR);

- from 01 of January 2019 until 30 of April  2019 – 35 BYN (~15 EUR);

- from 01 of May 2019 until 31 of May 2019 – 45 BYN (~20 EUR);

- on 01 of June 2019 (at the Race Office only in cash) – 100 BYN (~40 EUR).

5.2. Entry fee may be settled by online payment (from the aplication profile) at

5.3. As soon as the entry fee is credited to the bank account of the organizer a race number will appear on the start list at and next to the participant’s name. If the starting number will not appear within 3 days from the day of money transfer, the participant is obliged to contact with the organizer via (+375) 297830003 or

5.4. Entry fee will be not reimbursed once paid.

  1. The Race Office

6.1. Race office opening hours:
01 of June 2019 (Saturday) – 12:00 pm. – 09:00 pm.
02 of June 2019 (Sunday) – 07:00 am. – 09:00 am.
The address of the race office will be announced at a later date.

6.2. In the race office every participant will receive an individual race kit with, among others, starting number, time measuring chip, safety pins and T-shirt. T-shirt size shall be choosen in the application form. Also each participant will get invitation to pasta-party.

  1. Classifications and results
  • The following classifications will be held during III Garadzenskaya Vandrouka:
    • General
    • General for men and general for women
    • Age classifications for men and women at 10 km distance:
  • F-16-19 / M-16-19
  • F-20-29 / M-20-29
  • F-30-39 / M-30-39
  • F-40-49 / M-40-49
  • F-50+ / M-50-59
  • M-60-69
  • M-70+
    • Age classifications for men and women at 5 km distance:
  • F-12-17 / M-12-17
  • F-18+ / M-18+

The calculation of the age group is based on the participant's age as of  31.12.2019

  • Electronic time measurment is the basis of classification. Special measuring mats, which will indicate the presence of the runner in the place, will be placed along the course. In the event where participant is not indicated by given time measuring mat, he/she may be disqualified.

7.3. The general classification is based on gun time. Every participant will receive information about both gross and net times in final results.

7.4. Unofficial results will be posted on and just after the race.

7.5. The results of branch categories will be announced in the internet in three days after the race.

  1. Prizes
  • Every finisher of III Garadzenskaya Vandrouka will receive a finisher’s keepsake medal at the finish line.
  • The finishers of places 1-6 in general categories for men and for women as well as the finishers of places 1-3 in age categories will receive keepsake trophies and money prizes.